David Blatner, president of Creative Pro Network—Ron’s InDesign Guru

David Blatner, president of Creative Pro Network—Ron’s InDesign Guru

A great friend to Ron as well as "The Spirit of The Herbfarm Restaurant" development, David has been coaching me my very awkward efforts in Adobe InDesign as I struggled with preparing Ron's book for the publisher.

We communicated via text, email, phone, and desk-side at all hours. At one point he actually took all Ron’s files back from the publisher and spent hours of his own time to get them ready to print for you! Thank you so much for all your patience and support.

David Blatner is a graphic design guru. He is a cofounder of the InDesignSecrets Web site and InDesign Magazine, and cohosts a podcast by the same name. He is president of and publishes CreativePro.com and also co-hosts CreativePro Week, a week-long set of conferences for creative professionals.

David demystifies and explains technical and scientific matters in an easy-to-read, fun way. Over a half a million copies of his books are in print in 14 languages, winning him awards and praise from readers. He has spent the past 20 years traveling the world — presenting, learning, exploring, and writing.
See the book for yourself at www.spiritoftheherbfarm.com

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