Steve Hansen - Captures the Art of Ron's Recipes

Not only a wonderful photographer, Steve Hansen, ex-Herbfarm pastry chef, has been a friend and supporter. He put his all into the propping, lighting, and general perfection of each recipe. All the food photography in The Spirit of The Herbfarm is his work. The photography was done in our home. Steve would move from yard to kitchen to living room hauling props, lighting, backgrounds in order to create the best situation for each recipe. Often he would shoot in parts and then, back at his studio, would reassemble and ensure each piece of food, and prop were perfectly combined.  I know you will love looking at this book. 


An award-winning photographer, director, and CGI artist specializing in food and beverages, Steve Hansen brings an artist’s eye and a chef’s perspective to every image he creates for his clients. Steve brings his prior experience as a food stylist, professional chef, and digital artist to every shoot where he creates vibrant and impactful images that consistently resonate with the senses. 

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