Ron Zimmerman and his wife Carrie joined the operation in 1986, bringing new ideas to the thriving herb business. That year, they renovated the garage to create a space to provide meals that featured herbs in every course. On May 25, 1986, The Herbfarm Restaurant served its first educational six-course luncheon, officially offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience centered on local and seasonal ingredients hoping to encourage the sale of herb plants for home cooking.

The restaurant thrived, becoming well-known for its innovative and regionally inspired cuisine. Dinner service with matched wines joined the educational luncheons. However, in January 1997, a fire destroyed the garage, dealing a devasting blow to Ron and Carrie, and posing a serious threat to The Herbfarm’s future.

Despite the setback, the spirit of The Herbfarm persisted. That October the restaurant build a tented kitchen and dining room to seat 100 on the original site, remaining dedicated to providing exceptional culinary experiences. The difficulties of rebuilding in Fall City necessitated a temporary relocation the following May to a winery in Issaquah, 5 miles from Fall City. This two-year relocation proved to be a critical step in the restaurant's development.

While in Issaquah, Ron and Carrie created the new Herbfarm Restaurant in Woodinville, WA. Designed to resemble a quaint country cottage, The Herbfarm opened in Woodinville on May 25, 2001, to commemorate the 15th anniversary of its first meal. With a large garden and a five-acre farm just up the vally, a new chapter began allowing The Herbfarm to carry on its tradition of celebrating the Pacific Northwest's bounty with herbs, and seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

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