“Years before I first laid eyes on The French Laundry, Ron Zimmerman showed people how to eat seasonally, eat locally, eat food with the freshest ingredients, and let them shine. I’m glad his legacy lives on in the pages of The Spirit of The Herbfarm Restaurant, which, much like The Herbfarm itself, is very clearly a labor of love.”

Thomas Keller, Chef/Proprietor, The French Laundry

“This is a story about following your dreams and opening a restaurant where every strand of your DNA is woven into the very fabric of the place. It’s a story about disaster and rebirth. This captivating and informative book is a must own for chefs and cooks across the world as there is no doubt that through it, the influence of Ron will live on forever.”

René Redzepi, Chef and Co-owner of Noma

“ Most of us have stayed the course, devoted to local and seasonal ingredients and more, yet I think that Ron and Carrie have shone most brightly with their dedication to perfection, and their individual generosity to each person who crossed their threshold and sat at their table. You must get this book, learn, laugh, and cry with it as I have, then take it to your kitchen. It is an inestimable gift. Merci, Ron, whom I cannot consider thinking of without Carrie.”

Susan Herrmann Loomis, Author and Cooking School Proprietor, On Rue Tatin