Help us sustain Ron’s incredible, irrepressible joy in living, learning, and caring for the people and places around him.

The new Ron Zimmerman Scholarship will help talented students in the culinary programs at Seattle Central and South Seattle Colleges intern for a quarter, with pay, at The Herbfarm Restaurant, learning beside Chef Chris Weber and other extraordinary team-members. The Scholarship will also offset living expenses so students can drink the full measure of this potentially career- and life-shaping opportunity.

Ron and his wife Carrie Van Dyck co-founded The Herbfarm Restaurant in 1986. Known for exceptional cuisine that celebrates nature, the changing seasons, and the freshest local ingredients, the restaurant is garlanded with honors. These include the“best-of” lists of Zagat, Wine Spectator and Forbes, plus twenty-plus years of AAA Five-Diamond Awards — the only Washington restaurant with this distinction. The Ron Zimmerman Scholarship will pass the flame to a new generation equally committed to culinary adventure, conscientious stewardship of the earth, and the warm conviviality of the table.

Thank you for your support by buying your copy of The Spirit of The Herbfarm Restaurant by Ron Zimmerman.

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