Milestones Achieved

 The book is at the printer (in China) in its final form as of February 7th.    WHOOOEEE!!!!! 

✔ Email to Pre-Publication customers to confirm shipping address in February (OK, early March--oops) 

To Do

  Waiting to hear if possible. Advance air shipped copies early March?

  Pre-Publication orders ready to Ship—Late April/early May

 In Bookstores and Amazon -mid June 2024

 In Progress

➞Assemble List of potential customer stores, Independent book stores, Food Stores, gift stores, and their contacts interested in carrying this book.

➞Frequent updates to blog

➞Status Updates on Facebook and Instagram


184 Full Color InDesign recipe pages by RZ

40,000 words of memoir written by RZ

✔✔ Writer/Editor hired to smooth memoir and interconnect both pieces. May and July 2023

Recipe Testing and Editing completed Aug 2023

Contracted with Sky Horse publishing (Simon & Schuster distribution).Signed Aug 2023

Smoothing and Connecting of memoir completed by Labor Day.

Complete Manuscript Submitted to Sky Horse by Sept 10

With Sky Horse decisions of whether or not to include additional photos and commentary

Foreword by Dr. Sinclair Philip of Sooke Harbour House , BC

Sky Horse Edit and discussion of book order, inserts, etc. .

Final Price set by Sky Horse after receiving printer bids

Almost final edit of entire book assembled in PDF

Final edit of entire book innards

Entire book innards sent to printer

Indexing--by Sky Horse

Cover fabric and place marking selections made

Blurb from Thomas Keller-Thank you!


✔ Final Cover Wrap Design

✔ Inside cover art paper design


✔ Blurbs from Rene Redzepi, and Susan Hermann Loomis

✔ Foil selection for actual book exterior


Questions? Please contact us!