The Herbfarm Restaurant's storied past is a fascinating journey from humble beginnings to its status as one of the Pacific Northwest's most esteemed culinary destinations. It all started in 1974, when Bill and Lola Zimmerman were looking for their retirement home. They purchased a farm in Fall City, Washington. This acquisition set the stage for what would eventually become The Herbfarm. 

In the spring following their purchase, Lola Zimmerman found herself with an abundance of chives from her garden. On a whim, she placed them by the roadside with a sign reading "herb plants for sale fifty cents" and left a jar with some change. To her surprise, the chives sold quickly, and the jar was full of money. This modest experiment marked the beginning of The Fall City Herb Farm in its earliest form.

After seeing their initial success, Bill and Lola Zimmerman decided to expand their business. Over the next few years, their farm grew into a large-scale nursery with hundreds of different herbs and perennials. This expansion was more than just about growth; it also reflected the Zimmermans' passion for herbs and their myriad uses.

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